My So-Far TESL Life.

Forever, you'll be here. Here? In my heart.

Yes yes. I am a Teslian who is crying because of Dengkil.

Okay. Aku dah tengok dah dengkil macam mana. Serious. SERIOUS WEH. lawa gila doh. Bilik lawa. Infrastructures lawa. Jamban pun lawa. T-T dml.
Aku cakap betul weh. Untuk budak-budak batch '98, korang patut bersyukur.

Because you'll be studying there for the whole year, completing your foundation studies. Bersyukur bila duduk sana nanti, jangan menggatal k. Aku pun tak gatal-gatal. XD

Tesl? How's TESL? Tesl best. Busy?
Of course busy. But every second I've sacrificed will be paid off kan? So, why bother? :)
This busy and hectic life will be paid off by; being a degree student at the age of 19. Come on. maybe at the age of under 28, I might be making my very own money. *Paid*

Nanti, adik-adik yang plan nak ambil TESL; you'll not regret it. Moreover, if you love language!
Nanti ambil TESL;
1. Hafal Al-Mulk siap-siap. (1-15)
2. Mantapkan grammar.
3. Speak English a lot. Takdelah lidah kau tu beku, kelu dan kejang.
4. Manage time well. I mean, don't waste time on unnecessary things; macam tengok anime ke. *lol mcm cakap pasal diri sendiri.
5. Procrastinate, do not ever do that. You'll be stressed out.
6. Use money wisely.
7. Pilih partner yang boleh diharap. Partner. PARTNER. You'll be having lots of partner work more than group work. And if you wish to do things by yourself, you are welcomed.
8. Tanyalah. Aku jawab sini.

P/S : I love my TESL life. I love this very very very much. I have good classmates. I mean, great classmates. MPI0201C-2015 And my friend, Alia.

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